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Calvados brand Avallen becomes a certified B Corporation

Avallen Calvados is now a B Corp brand.

Avallen has been committed to being a sustainable, environmentally friendly brand since it launched in 2019.

Among the brand’s eco-friendly credentials that helped it secure the B Corp status were its impact-led production methods, use of three ingredients (apples, water and time) and eco-friendly packaging (recycled glass bottles and apple pulp labels).

The brand also strives to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, create a healthier environment, stronger communities, and high-quality jobs with ‘dignity and purpose’.

“Since the very first days of Avallen, becoming a B Corp was always part of our journey to becoming the world’s most planet positive spirits brand,” said Etherington-Judge.

“B Corps not only imagine a better way of doing business but are actually showcasing to the world that positive impact and business go hand in hand.”

Stephanie Jordan and Tim Etherington-Judge launched the brand in 2019 with a mission to act against the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. The production uses just water and apples that grow on trees which act as carbon sinks, and its eco-friendly packaging uses recycled glass bottles and apple pulp labels.

In January 2021, Avallen further demonstrated its commitment to climate positivity, becoming a member of the charitable platform 1% for the Planet and pledging to donate 1 per cent of turnover to environmental non-profits.

By drinking Avallen, you are bee-ing a part of the change! 🌱



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