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D99 Team Local Distillery Gin Tour!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Get to know us -

2 weeks ago our whole D99 team visited this AMAZING HK local distillery - Two Moons Distillery!🌙 🌕 Being the first locally crafted gin workshop in Hong Kong, they kindly shared us the story behind the company with their beautiful copper still Luna. Looking forward to more distillery tours in the future.

☝🏻 One of the director of Two Moons Distillery was guiding us through the distillery. The copper still "Luna" you see in the video is made all the way in Germany and it creates a beautiful fragrant aroma smell during distillation!

The D99 team! Everyone received a Two Moons Gin gift set after the visit. Big thanks to our director Simon who got the whole team gift sets! #bestbossever



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