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Hapusa Himalayn Dry Gin -proudly distributed by drinks99 in Hong Kong, Singapore & Mainland China.

Exciting news here from Drinks99 – we're proud to announce our role as the official distributor of both Hapusa and Greater Than Gin in Hong Kong and China - and in Singapore, Hapusa only. This marks a significant step forward as we bring these award-winning Indian craft gins to enthusiasts in the region.

Photo: Tasting during the launch event at Shen Zhen, China.

About Nao Spirits & Beverages

Founded in 2016 by Anand Virmani, Nao Spirits is a trailblazing craft gin company in India, boasting two exceptional brands: 'Greater Than,' India's first craft gin, and 'Hapusa,' a luxury gin made with Himalayan Juniper and unique Indian botanicals. Both brands have garnered international acclaim, with Greater Than earning gold at the Asian Gin Masters Awards 2021 and Hapusa receiving gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021, UK.

The Appeal of Greater Than and Hapusa

Photo: Greater Than London Dry Gin photo taken by Drinks99 team

“Greater Than” or “>” is their London Dry Gin made in India crafted from nine botanicals sourced from India and around the world. Made in a Copper Pot Still, it is India’s first and only craft Gin. As per its name, the Gin looks for all things greater. Perfect for cocktails and Gin & Tonic, Greater Than is the go-to "pouring brand" at the finest bars across the country.

Photo: Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin photo taken by Drinks99 team

Hapusa stands out as one and only Indian craft gin made with foraged Himalayan Juniper and distinctive Indian botanicals such as turmeric, Gondhoraj peel, and raw mango. Its bold and earthy profile has earned it gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021, UK, and double gold at the SIP Awards 2020, USA.

As Drinks99 proudly introduces Hapusa Gin and Greater Than Gin to the dynamic markets of Hong Kong and China, it signifies a transformative moment for the craft spirits landscape in the region. Moreover, as part of our commitment to expanding across the Asia Pacific, we are honored to serve as the exclusive distributor of Hapusa Gin in Singapore. Notably, it stands among the brands we showcase with the opening of our Singapore Office this year. Our partnership with Nao Spirits not only enriches our portfolio but also underscores our unwavering commitment to providing unique and high-quality products to our discerning customers. Here's to the exciting journey ahead!



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