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Meet QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal founder, Melanie Symonds

Updated: Jun 5

Melanie Symonds

QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal founder, Melanie Symonds has been instrumental in shaping the mezcal industry in the UK and beyond. She discovered the magic of mezcal during her travels when she visited Oaxaca in 2010, and opened QuiQuiRiQui the pop up Mezcalaria when she returned to London. The idea to set up her own brand of Mezcal came about because she couldn’t find anything that was great quality and an affordable house pour.

Melanie went back to Oaxaca and got in touch with some of the families she had met the year before on her mezcal pilgrimage. A year later (2012), Quiquiriqui Mezcal was launched and has continued to grow and evolve Inspired her mission to create a mezcal brand that would honor tradition, support local communities, and champion sustainability.

Bag-in-box QuiQuiRiqui Mezcal

In August 2023, QuiQuiRiQui unveiled its groundbreaking bag-in-box format—a sustainable solution to glass waste. By transitioning to the bag-in-box format, packaging requirements are reduced by 85% overall compared to glass bottles. For example, one reduction is via shipping containers - where the bag-in-box format results in a 45% weight reduction, and an eightfold smaller carbon footprint

QuiQuiRiQui Espadin Mezcal

Agave spirits have been on the rise globally, with Tequila leading the charge. However, mezcal, with its craft appeal and authentic character, has carved its own niche. In 2022, Tequila accounted for a whopping 96% of total agave spirits volume, while mezcal held a modest 3%. But don’t underestimate mezcal—it grew by 23% in volume between 2021 and 2022, outpacing Tequila’s 13% increase.

The bag-in-box format will be available in Asia through Drinks99 by the end of 2024. If you're interested in stocking QuiQuiRiQui at your bar in Hong Kong, Singapore or China? Contact us by email or whatsapp us today! #quiquiriquimezcal



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