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Plastic Free, 100% Recyclable Mermaid Gin available in Hong Kong

Fresh from the ocean, we’re delighted to let you know that Mermaid Gin has landed in Hong Kong, just in time for New Year!

This gin isn’t like any other gin. For a start, it has Net-Zero status, as certified by Good Business. Inspired by the distillery’s surroundings on the Isle of Wight in the UK, they’ve chosen a range of carbon offsetting programs, for example, planting seagrass; which reduces their footprint, while improving underwater habitats for wildlife.

Plus, the bottle is not just award winning for its stunning design, but it’s good for the environment too! Coming up against competition from around the world, Mermaid Gin was awarded 1st place in the International Wine and Spirit Competition for its strikingly sculpted design, which is 100% plastic-free; with a wood topped cork and unique plant-based tamper proof seal.

Finally, a gin you can feel good about.



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