Drinks99 is a premium import and distribution company for luxury spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks. With offices in Hong Kong and China, we have been supplying top bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers, with craft products since 2012. Founded by two Englishmen, the portfolio is comprised mostly of British drinks brands, with a splattering of international brands, where the quality and provenance has proved too good not to import.


Director, Simon Disler

Simon is the branding guy. Having been in the F&B industry for over 18 years, he has developed a keen eye and taste for spotting great drinks brands. From the Hong Kong office, he handles product launches and develops market entry strategies – and as a former bar manager, he understands clearly how to communicate with people making decisions on which drinks to list.

Favourite drink(s):




Director, Dan O'Connor

Daniel is the China specialist. Having lived and worked in China for more than 10 years, he has an in depth knowledge of Chinese culture, is fluent in Mandarin and has personal connections in all the right places. Heading up the China office since day one, he has helped our brands to develop a formidable presence on the Mainland. As a passionate drinks industry personality in China, Dan has gained a reputation for expert prohibition era cocktail knowledge.

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Hong Kong

General Manager,

Hannah Lee

Hannah has over 7 years experience in the drinks industry across Sales & Marketing. She made the move from corporate to craft drinks to join Drinks99 in 2020. She heads up the day to day running of the Hong Kong office. She loves an authentic brand story and taking these to the trade in Hong Kong!


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Hong Kong

Office Manager,

Suki Ho

Suki is one of the core members of the company and has been with the team for more than 3 years. With the WSET Wine and Spirits Level 1 Certification, she is definitely the person you should go to if you have any questions for our craft spirits. 

Favourite drink(s): 
Seedlip Spice & Tonic 

Hong Kong Teapigs Country Manager, Amanda Wong

Amanda joined the team in early 2017 and has a vast knowledge of tea around the world. She is now taking care of teapigs, one of the main brands of Drinks99 and hopes to spread the mission of drinking real tea to everyone in Hong Kong. 

Favourite drink(s): 
teapigs happy - uplifting tea

Hong Kong Warehouse Manager,

Man Fan

Hong Kong Social Media Manager,

Rafaela Lai

Hong Kong Ron Colon Brand Ambassador,

Giuseppe Zazzeron

Man processes all of our orders and takes care of everything that comes in and out of our warehouse. She loves to travel and has a long list of countries on her bucket list! 

Favourite drink(s): 
teapigs jasmine pearls

Rafaela is new to the drinks industry. She likes to watch out for what's new on social media and make sure the Drinks99 profile is on trend! She’s on a journey of learning graphic design through Photoshop. Art, R&B and bubble tea are her ultimate passions though!

Favourite drink(s): 
Blue Hawaiian

Giuseppe, Beppe to his friends, has always loved rum in all its variations; from straight to tiki, to a daiquiri or a simple cuba libre. He’s always wanted to be a pirate, so rum was always going to be the perfect fit for him! Day to day, you’ll find him running the bar at Saketen in Hong Kong Central. 

Favourite drink(s): 
Daiquiri, Negroni


Office Manager,

Ocean Wu

Ocean is one of the earliest members of Drinks99 & helped launch all of our products including Sipsmith and teapigs in China. She is familiar with the mainland market & helps enhance the popularity of our products among Chinese consumers.

Favourite drink(s): 



Warehouse Manager,


Dean joined the team in early 2018 and is in charge of managing the warehouse and packing all the orders in Drinks99 China. He is one of the core members of our Shenzhen branch and is extremely supportive in our daily operations. 

Favourite drink(s):

Pear Martini


Media Star,

Sue Xie

Sue joined us in 2018 & has a strong interest in social media. The beautiful animations and illustrations that she creates are what bring our portfolio to life. She wants to be in creative from zero to one & is always on the way to discover newest viral trends on the internet.

Favourite drink(s):

Hot Water


Tmall Operation Manager,

Luck Hong

Luck joined us early 2020, spearheaded to take on the new position of our E-Commerce Tmall ops manager. Aside from time spent developing our online presence, he loves to cook and take care of his 4 kittens.

Favourite drink(s): 

Black Coffee


Directors Assistant,

Scarlett Zheng

Scarlett joined the D99 team mid 2019 to bring startling support and experience to the Director, with planning and overseeing the office. In her spare time, she loves to travel and check out the latest new cafes/restaurant openings in town and squeeze in a body pump session at Super Monkey!  

Favourite drink(s): 

Gin and Tonic​


Teapigs China Sales Manager,

Ellen Lu

Ellen recently joined the team in 2020 as our teapigs sales superstar. Bubbly and energetic – you’ll find her selling and tasting tea by day and sipping margaritas by nightfall! 

Favourite drink(s): 

Frozen Jasmine Margarita


Mr Black Brand Ambassador,

Arlene Wong

Arlene is a bartender, restaurant operator, and a powerhouse in the food and beverage scene. Her passion for hospitality started while living and working in North America for over a decade. She returning to Hong Kong she has worked with several prominent restaurants and bars, earning her a strong reputation among her peers. 

Favourite drink(s): 

Espresso Martini


Seedlip Superstar,

Adam Han

Adam has been in this industry for 7 years, from luxury hotel to social cocktail bars, where he got opportunities to participate in many international competitions. These experiences have always brought him excitement and fuel his passion for bartending.

Favourite drink(s): 

Seedlip Nogroni

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