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At drinks99, we’re not just buyers and sellers of goods. Both our Hong Kong and China teams get heavily involved in the brand building journey, which requires us to work closely with each brand owner. First, we take the time to understand the brand DNA, then we communicate that message as best we can in our markets. This involves a wide range of activations, from Social Media management to bartender masterclasses.  We aim to represent our brands so that if feels like they themselves had set up an office here. The exciting growth and buzz that our brands achieve in their home markets is replicated here, 10,000km away.


We combine a western mindset with a localized social media strategy, which provides us with an excellent digital presence across our markets.


Our in-house marketing teams are also on hand to help promote your brand through western and local social media including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, The Red, Tik Tok etc. in both Chinese and English.


For all brands that we represent, we go to great lengths to visit production facilities and educate ourselves on the brand and the products. We then deliver this knowledge in-country, aiming to get as close to the same level of education and passion as brand experts –as if the brand owner were here in person.


Our in-house events team is also available to help promote your brand through suitable events in our markets in China and Hong Kong. Our team is experienced in creating content for, managing and attending events –nothing is impossible for our team!


Our e-commerce team in China and Hong Kong are here to look after the e-commerce stores for your brand. The team is experienced in site-building, SEO, SEM, bilingual store management, paid promotion oversight, Livestream oversight etc.

We also work with local couriers and drivers to provide efficient delivery services. In both China and Hong Kong, we have our own local delivery drivers to ensure exceptional service for our customers.

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