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World’s First Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies launch in Hong Kong

Smith & Sinclair launches in Asia, with Hong Kong website and distribution

Smith & Sinclair makes alcoholic cocktail gummies with real, premium spirits and mixes them like a traditional cocktail with fresh fruit, herbs, syrups and then coats them with garnish infused sugars. Designed so that adults can eat their favourite drinks, there are 9 different gummy boxes currently available in Hong Kong: Tequila Time, London Edit, Whiskey Club, The Party, The Night In, The Love Box, Summer Lovin’, Let’s Celebrate and Gin Obsessed.

The ‘Gin Obsessed’ is packaged in a beautiful mint green box, perfect as a gift or to impress friends as a pre-party appetiser. It contains gummies in the following four flavours; Hibiscus Negroni garnished with Hibiscus Sugar, Gin and Tonic garnished with Lemon Sugar, Elderflower Gin Spritz garnished with Thyme Sugar, Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble garnished with Cherry Sugar.

Smith & Sinclair was born out of an idea to develop an engaging, unique social experience for Londoners way back in 2014. Melanie and her co-founder Emile Bernard decided to create a board game night. But there was a bit of a challenge – drinking a cocktail while playing a board game is tricky. Not to mention sticky and messy if spilt. Rather than having a standard spirits bar, they had an idea – why not create a surprise-and-delight experience by providing Edible Cocktails instead?

Since its inception, Smith & Sinclair has grown through a desire to make adult products more fun. The pair began manufacturing their first products in their family homes and school kitchens, launching a market stall in Berwick Street Market in London's Soho neighbourhood. Since then, it has expanded to sell its products in retailers including Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Amazon, Sainsbury, Scribbler and Oliver Bonas.

Hong Kong Launch

Since arriving on August 1st 2021, Smith & Sinclair has already secured listings with online retailer HK Liquor Store, HKTVmall and Causeway Bay gin emporium, Ginsanity – with more listing announcements to follow. The online store ( offers next day delivery and free gift card service. The boxes are priced at $225 – ideal for an alcohol-infused Netflix and Chill evening in.


Smith & Sinclair Website:




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