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AÉR, cocktail enhancer, is now available in Hong Kong

The egg white alterative launched by bartenders in Thailand, is now available in Hong Kong through Drinks99.

As consumers become more consious of sustainability, demand for plant-based solutions across all facets of the food and beverage industry continues to see significant growth.

AÉR solves many of the problems associated with egg whites in cocktail recipes. Aside from removing animal products, it's also a cost and space saver. Each 120ml bottle is the equivalent of 600 egg whites, making this shelf stable product a must have behind any modern bar.

AÉR adds texture and stable aeration to any shaken or blended recipe - without adding any flavour. If you're a Hong Kong bartender looking for a consistent, eco friendly and budget friendly alternative to egg whites, AÉR is now available.

Difference between

Egg White, Aquafaba and AÉR (egg white alternative)


Egg White


Shelf Life

12 months (Room temperature)

3-5 days (refrigerated)

3-5 days (refrigerated)




Minimal Dilution





Interested in swaping your egg white toour sustainable and cost effective cocktail enhancer AÉR? Contact us by email or whatsapp us today!

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